Authentic Homemade Pickles - Sweet, Spicy & Sour Flavors

Get the taste of tradition with Haygriv's homemade pickles - a jar full of excitement, sweet, spicy, and sour flavors.

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Why Haygriv Foods?

Haygriv Foods brings you Delicious, Homemade Achar Online at Best Prices prepared from the finest ingredients. Each batch of our pickle is prepared using time-honored methods and then meticulously sun-dried. We pack them carefully in glass jars to maintain the utmost freshness. Committed to your health and taste, making it free from preservatives and chemicals, ensuring a completely healthy and flavorful experience

  • No Added Sugar

    We use good quality jaggery for sweetness

  • Sun-Dried Pickle

    Pickles stay fresh and crisp for longer

  • Deliciously Different

    A taste that stands out from the crowd

  • Quality Ingredients

    Best quality mustard oil, spices and fruits used

  • No Added Preservatives

    100% pure traditional home made pickle

  • Traditional Methods For Production

    Masaleedar achaar taste same as made in home

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Sweet Mango Pickle in Jaggery

Sweet, tangy and moderately spicy pickle to tingle your taste buds. Every jar is packed with delightful taste made out of jaggery and quality spices. Taste it once and you will fall in love with!!

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Taste of Purvanchal - Authentic Mango Pickle

Savor our homemade mango pickle, crafted with freshly picked green mangoes in special spices, and mustard oil. Made from the finest ingredients, it delivers a delightful mix of tangy and spicy flavors.

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Who are we?

Greetings and welcome to Haygriv Foods. We specialize in crafting exquisite pickles and chutneys. While it's often said that happiness cannot be bought, our pickles come pretty close to delivering that joy. Each jar is infused with love, reflecting our dedication to quality ingredients. As a family-owned enterprise, we take immense pride in our offerings, prioritizing both natural production methods and customer satisfaction

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What makes your brand different from others?

Our pickles are handmade, we use glass jar to pack pickles and quality ingredients are given priority. Our pickle stands different from others because you will hardly find delicious pickles as ours.

Do you use any preservatives, colors, scents ?

No we don't use any types of preservatives, additives, colors or chemicals, Our pickles are pure organic bliss.

What food would you recommend to have your pickles with?

Sweet mango pickle with alu paratha, rice-dal, chappatis, methi parathas, etc

Salty mango pickle with dal-rice, khichdi, puri/chappati, cooked vegetables, non vegetarian food course etc

Other pickles can also be followed up according to meals or your taste with variety of Indians dish

How do you pack your pickles?

we pack in glass jar which preserves pickles for long time as glass jars won't react with pickles. Metal lid is used for closing the jar. Proper inspection is done while packing before it goes out of unit.

How long pickle can be consumed after opening lid?

First of all any pickles should be kept away from water and separate clean spoon has to be used.

For all pickle the more it becomes old from date of making the more it tastes better. We can say lemon pickle and salted mango pickle has very longer lifespan.But still their is packaging date provided along with shelf life.