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Sour Lemon Pickle with Chilli & Ginger - Adrak, Mirchi Nimbu Ka Achar | No Oil, No Preservatives

Sour Lemon Pickle with Chilli & Ginger - Adrak, Mirchi Nimbu Ka Achar | No Oil, No Preservatives

Discover the zesty delight of our Lemon Chilli Pickle, a vibrant Nimbu Ka Achar made without oil. This preservative-free condiment combines the tang of lemon with the heat of chilli, offering a healthy, flavorful addition to any meal.

Tastes : Sour & Salty Pickle

✔️ Tongue twisting tangy pickled lemon, free from oil and spices.

✔️100% Natural, Homemade, Sun dried, No preservatives or colors.

✔️Boasts a strong aroma with mouthwatering flavour.

✔️Packed in Glass Jar for Freshness.

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Fresh pickle, loaded with vitamin C, boosts immunity, relieves nausea, aids digestion, etc
Pickle has very long lasting life of storage and preservation.


Keep in a cool and dry place. Use dry spoon for serving. Do not refrigerate.

Sourish Delight, The Organic Pickled Lemon, Recipe Without Oil and Spices

Making of Lemon Pickle

Handpicked lemons, chili, and ginger locally sourced, meticulously washed and inspected, and sent for sundrying process then matured and stored in glass jars, ensuring freshness and tangy flavor in every bite.

Ingredients For Lemon-Chilli, Ginger Pickle

‎Lemon, Chilli, Ginger, Salt.

Perfect Addition For Your Favorite Indian Meals

Elevate your everyday meals with our zesty and healthy pickle recipe. A small quantity adds a burst of flavor, transforming regular dishes. Perfect with rice-dal, biryanis, pulav or any of your favorite meals


Vinegar-free pickle recipe!

Our lemon pickle is rich in vitamin C and offers numerous health benefits, including immunity boosting, aiding digestion, and relieving nausea

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