Journey into the Tradition of Achar with Authentic Indian Pickles!

In Indian homes, "achar," or pickles, are more than condiments—they're cherished legacies of flavor. Crafted with handpicked ingredients and traditional techniques, each pickle is a testament to culinary artistry. Time-honored recipes passed down through generations ensure that every jar is brimming with authentic taste and wholesome goodness. From the careful blend of spices to the patient process of maturation in earthenware jars, homemade achars are a labor of love. These flavorful delights not only tantalize the taste buds but also offer health benefits, packed with probiotics and antioxidants. Rooted in sustainability, traditional pickling minimizes waste by utilizing seasonal produce. Across India, diverse flavors abound, showcasing the country's rich culinary heritage.

Haygriv Foods - Crafting Tradition in Every Jar

At Haygriv Foods, our name embodies wisdom and knowledge, reflecting our commitment to crafting exceptional pickles. As a newly established proprietorship based in Mumbai, we're proud to be a family-owned business dedicated to making pickles from locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Rooted in the flavors of North India, particularly Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, our pickles are meticulously handcrafted using our own spices and quality ingredients.

We uphold traditional methods to ensure that every jar of pickle is bursting with natural taste, free from chemicals. Our pickles offer the familiar comfort of homemade goodness, or as we like to say, "ghar ka swad." To maintain the highest quality, we predominantly package our pickles in glass jars.

Our product range includes an array of fruit pickles such as lemon, mango, and sweet mango with jaggery. Additionally, we offer vegetable pickles including green chilli, cauliflower, radish, jackfruit, and stuffed red chilli pickle.

Our Vision

Chemical-Free Goodness: Offering healthy food options by crafting pickles without the use of harmful chemicals, preservatives, or any types of color or scents.

Home Dining Delight: Striving to bring our unique recipes to every dining table, ensuring a distinctive and delightful culinary experience.

Best Taste Guaranteed: Committed to providing the finest taste in pickles through our special recipes, carefully crafted for an exceptional flavor.

Customer Satisfaction at the Core: Placing customer satisfaction as our top priority, ensuring that each jar of pickle brings joy and culinary satisfaction.